Is your area safe from natural disasters? How many natural disasters have you experienced in your lifetime?

Sometimes, your location could mean everything when avoiding natural disasters. There are places in the U.S. that are most prone to calamities, so if you’re thinking of changing residence, read the list below first before deciding to move to another state.

#1: Texas

The National Centers for Environmental Information and the World Atlas have recorded this state to have had the worst and most expensive natural disasters in the history of the United States.

Records dating back to 1953 up to the present indicate that Texas has had 254 natural disasters – hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc. Damages were estimated in billions of dollars. The most expensive of which is Hurricane Harvey that occurred in 2017. Estimated damages from it were pegged at $108 billion.

#2: California

California comes in second with 250 natural disasters. California is very much well-known as an earthquake prone area because it sits on the San Andreas Faultline.

The most recent and costly natural disaster was in 2017 when a wildfire broke out and claimed 46 lives.

#3: Oklahoma

Oklahoma is at number three with a total of 167 natural disasters. It has experienced catastrophic hail storms, as well as heat waves. The most devastating and costly natural disaster was a heat wave that struck in 1988. And cost damages amounting to $42.4 billion.

#4: Washington

There have been 132 natural disasters in this state. Known for its greenery, Washington is still prone to wildfires that have been occurring annually since the year 2000. The most devastating wildfire happened in 2017 which ravaged thousands of acres.

#5: Florida

Wildfires and hurricanes often engulf this coastal town. Natural disasters that have happened here now totaled to 122.

The most recent devastation was in 2018 courtesy of Hurricane Michael which required $1.2 billion in disaster relief efforts.

#6: New York

New York’s varied terrain has given rise to various climate issues – floods, hurricanes, earthquakes – you name it. It has had 93 natural disasters.

The worst by far is Hurricane Sandy that ravaged the state in 2012. Damages were estimated at $50 billion.

#7: Colorado

Colorado has had 83 natural disasters to its name. It is regularly threatened by wildfires and drought because of its dry season. It also suffers from flooding and blizzards.

The biggest natural disaster to hit Colorado was a forest fire in 2002 that razed 137,000 acres.

#8: Alabama

Hurricanes are the deadliest natural disasters to ever hit the U.S. The state of Alabama is not immune from them. It has been a witness to this deadly natural disasters multiple times, including 62 tornadoes.

It’s at number seven with 79 natural disasters.

#9: New Mexico

New Mexico is prone to forest fires and bushfires due to its dry season. It has been ravaged by 79 natural disasters.

The biggest fire was the Whitewater-Baldy incident that happened in 2012. Around 465 square miles of forest was ravaged by fire.

#10: Oregon

Oregon has suffered from mudslides and floods, as well as snowstorms. It is also prone to earthquakes, and was once devastated by a tsunami. It has had 73 natural disasters.